Ergonomic Custom Asthetic

We are Where U Work and we want to change how you work. Our mission is to provide people with healthy and beautiful workspaces.

Ergonomics If you are like most people ergonomic most likely summons up images of funky looking keyboards. If you are like me you may say to yourself…

“that does not look comfortable”

…. and you would not be wrong. However, in our never ending quest to be comfy we are really hurting ourselves in the long run.

That is where we come in. If you give us a shot we can show you simple problems with how you are sitting and standing. Then we can tailor and design the office that will inspire you and keep you healthy.

How Does It Work We use Science and evidence based methods to help you work at your full potential. The clinical methodology was developed in conjunction with the student population of Nova University for Physical therapy. This includes our pending system for posture adjustment, measurement and subsequent adjustments to workstations.

Laser Measured Workspace Adjustment
  • Starting at
Hardware Consulting and Install
  • Per Hour

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